4 Seasons Design Interiors (4SDI) is an international design firm specializing in Hospitality, Residential, and Kitchen Design.


Spa Retail Area 768

Spa Retail Area 768


Originally establishing its mark with Serenity Spa and Blue Destiny, 4SDI has positioned itself into becoming a global tour de force of modern and contemporary design.


Bold, compelling, innovative…


New City 300

New City 300


4SDI’s inspired and innovative approach artfully infuses upscale design minimalism with bold dramatic effects. With an instinct for new trends and a passion for impeccable style, the firm’s daring use of color and organic forms transforms mundane residential and commercial spaces into compelling landscapes.


Yet a closer examination reveals a softer side: the firm’s deft use of material surface and interplay of light and texture create beautiful living and work environments that emphasize a special marriage of aesthetics and comfort.


Possessing a unique blend of talent to combine provocative forms with refined elements from around the world, 4SDI creates new living and breathing forms cocooned in inhabitable abodes of luxury.



Unique and diverse skills…


Serenity Spa reception 300

Serenity Spa reception 300


4SDI’s unique business model offers the client a diverse collection of services to meet all architectural, engineering, and design needs. With formal specializations and background in interior design, business management, and engineering, the firm is able to provide any of these personalized combinations of complete services:


Project Management                                  Architectural Signage

Building Permit filing                                Contract Bidding

Programmatic Conceptualization              Design Development

Business Counseling                                  Construction Administration

Lighting Design                                          Furniture Design


Additionally, the firm supplies and bids contract services for construction renovation, electrical work, plumbing, lighting, and other specialties from a highly qualified pool of specialized trades. 4SDI design professionals create detailed CADD drawings, floor plans, architectural renderings, and shop drawings for presentation on a per project basis.


The firm offers the first consultation by appointment FREE of charge. Long and short-term needs are explored. On-site estimates are available.

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Award winning kitchen design…

Beekman Kitchen 300

Beekman Kitchen 300


4 Seasons Design Interiors is an award winning kitchen design firm. Our Beekman Kitchen won a design award for Outstanding Kitchen using Sub-Zero. Visit our website and click “Kitchens” to view our firm’s award winning installations.


As a direct representative and importer of the finest European kitchen manufactures, 4SDI offers a unique total package of kitchen design, project management, CADD drawings, ocean freight handling, delivery, and installation. The firm creates the design and CADD drawings, then handles the entire project management process from order processing, acknowledgement proofing, follow-up, import paper documentation, coordinating all deliveries, and installation; the client DOES NOTHING.


As 4SDI is a direct supplier, the client may purchase one or multiple kitchens at wholesale cost through our design firm.  Please contact 4SDI for further information about this outstanding and unparalleled service.



Broad-based projects…

Herald Square Lobby 225

Herald Square Lobby 225


As a broad-based architectural and design firm, 4SDI has completed projects in the hotels and motels industry, spas, model homes, and corporate offices. The firm also has been contracted for the design of residential lobbies and apartment complexes.


4 Seasons Design Interiors (4SDI) will provide all the right interior elements to suit the client’s needs. Possessing an intimate understanding of many world cultures, the firm incorporates a diversity of ethnic gems and uses the finest of contemporary and antique furnishings, custom area rugs, and window treatments.


While offering an incomparable selection of beautiful fabrics, the firm retains access to a wide array of accessories and collectibles from all over the world. Some of these collectibles range from exotic Japanese art to original African hand-carved furniture.







Imagination, possibilities…


Our design philosophy is borne from a child’s imagination and divine inspiration: Our aim, our passion, is to create designs that feel and capture the individual’s unique sensory appeal.

Chelsea Kitchen 300

Chelsea Kitchen 300


As a reflection of life itself, design at its best is dynamic, organic, and instinctual. By opening our minds and senses to the possibilities of design, we observe that the outside world comes in and the inside world goes out. With this acute design awareness, windows open to lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and myriad cultures and opportunities. And this can only enrich our lives.


With an insatiable passion and spirit for design, 4 Seasons Design Interiors (4SDI) strives for new visions in originality and total excellence with every project. As we embrace new challenges, we seek to create new design environments that are both exciting and innovative.