Beekman Kitchen 1024

Beekman Kitchen 1024


There are some very exciting new home interior design trends that involve the latest trends in kitchen remodeling for 2018.

As interior designers servicing new home owners, we must remain vigilant in “pushing the envelope” by not merely keeping up but staying one step ahead of the curve by envisioning beyond what is relevant today to embrace an ever-changing world.


As one prominent designer recently stated,


“I have always loved interior design. The challenge is how we can push the envelope as interior designers to embrace an ever-changing world”. 


So here are the latest kitchen modeling trends and MY projections of what shall be coming:


  • Smart Kitchens will become the standard for the majority of new homes, and many new highly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) systems will be included as built-ins within such new kitchen remodels of homes and construction projects


There will be a far greater demand of such artificial intelligence (AI) built into the standard home kitchen. Currently by using Amazon’s AI virtual assitant “Alexa” in tandem with the cooking website All Recipes, you can access thousands of delicious mouth-watering recipes in one convenient database.


By owning and utilizing an Alexa-enabled type AI device such as Amazon Echo, 60,000 recipes are all but one command away. Alexa can even brew the coffee, turn on/off your oven and even set the timer provided you own a smart oven and coffee machine. Soon even more sophisticated models of artificial intelligence will be available on the market, and become a standard upgrade for home kitchens.


  • Optimized Functionality is being created by hardware manufacturers that are changing the way cabinet doors and drawers function. Hydraulic, easy-close doors that fold up and out of the way with the touch of a button become the perfect space consolidators in new kitchens. Blum is a hardware manufacturer that is currently on the cutting-edge of kitchen functionality upgrades.



  • Storage Maximization   When apartment dwellers and small home owners are short on space in, kitchen storage is always an priority.  To remedy this problem, manufacturers are doubling up storage in novel ways, for example by utilizing clever built-in multi-tiered drawers hidden within deeper drawers. Hafele is a manufacturer that is producing such intelligent design.



  • Brilliant, Bold Hues for Sinks Lately sinks have been trending away from basic white or stainless steel. Hues in lime green, bright orange, and cappuccino for under mount and apron model sinks add a splash of bold dramatic excitement to new model kitchens. A colorful sink adds fab and “pop” using a small amount of color in a neutral kitchen while making it a greater focal point by using the same hue in the backsplash.


I hope this post will inspire you to greater creativity and to make you think “outside the box” to capture new and exciting kitchen ideas based on the latest trends in kitchen remodeling for 2018.


Please feel free to leave any comments, they are always welcomed.